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Do you have questions like this? We’ll give you answers

Ever wonder what your baseball, basketball, or Pokemon cards are worth?

Do you invest in trading cards and want to track the value of your card portfolio?

Do you just want to find your personal Holy Grail trading cards?

Cardbase is the One-Stop Shop to help you research and track your collection, buy at the best prices, and maximize your profits when you sell cards

Organize and track your trading card collection in one place, with an insights dashboard specific to your card portfolio right on your phone

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Find Hot Deals, add cards to your Watchlist, and monitor pricing while you are on the go


Discover the value of your trading card collection based on marketplace data from dozens of top sports card auction and sales sites


Cardbase is your all-in-one tracking app for sports and non-sports trading card collectors. Buy, sell, and organize your cards with intelligent tools that help you always know the daily value of your collection

The Ultimate Trading Card App

With over 60M data points across millions of cards tracked on the system, you can rely on Cardbase to deliver hot deals from your watch list and comprehensive pricing details for the cards you are seeking. We've been tracking the market for years, so you can trust that our historical data is accurate and up-to-date

Discover unique insights into what cards are selling, what players are popular, and what set prices are changing

Popular cards

Cardbase tracks millions of sports cards and non-sport trading cards: Baseball, Football, Boxing, Golf, Basketball, Hockey, MMA, Wrestling, Soccer and Pokemon


Watch for new card releases on our Cardbase Release Calendar so you don’t miss out on the latest sports and Pokemon cards

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Buy Smart with the Best Search, Deep Insights, and Hot Deals

Cardbase is your one-stop destination for sales and auctions of trading cards thanks to the unparalleled power of our search engine. You’ll never miss out on a great deal again with our powerhouse card lookup

Our Hot Deals feature can also automagically detect a great price for cards you’re seeking

Hot Deals

Advanced filtering and parameter options allow you to narrow down your search results with ease

Advanced filter

With a single search, Cardbase scans over 30 marketplaces, providing you the best results at your fingertips for all types of sports cards and Pokemon cards, too

Sell for Maximum Value with Price Analysis and Population Reports

With price trends, you can make sure you are listing cards for the best price you can get. See fixed-price and auctions so you know your sales competition. Our population reports and grade pricing options give you a clear picture of how rare your cards are so you can get the most for your investment

Cardbase’s Index shows you player, set, and sport-specific data so you can get the specific data you need

Use the Watchlist to keep an eye on prices for cards you want to sell and use trending information to list them when the values are increasing


Save time listing cards on eBay from your collection with our direct integration


Analytics for Your Card Portfolio

Our app makes it easy to see the big picture of your collection. Track your cards' value over time, track your transaction history, and see how your collection is performing compared to the market. With Cardbase, you'll always know exactly what you have and what it's worth

Research eras, sets, and players that will help you maximize the value of your collection

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Let Cardbase do the math for you with our analytics dashboards

Analitic dashbord

Track sales, value trends, and expected pricing for your collectionin one place

Price cart

Watch our video review of our portfolio management on desktop!

Collection Management App

Keep your collection organized with Cardbase's powerful management tools. Add cards you own to your collection online for easy access from your phone or computer. Add cards you want to your Watchlist, and create custom tags to keep your collection neat and tidy

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Get Started with Collection Tracking

Ready to take your collection to the next level? Download the CardbaseApp for the most comprehensive search engine, making it easy to find and add your card collection so you can monitor its daily value

Quickly add sports and Pokemon cards to your collection totrack their value

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Card Scan

Organize your cards by tag, include grading, notes, and get price estimates

Card`s by tags

Track your transactions so you know how much you spent and how much you gained when you sell a card

Latest transactions

Earn Rewards to Expand Your Collection Tracking

You can add more cards to your collection by subscribing or earn rewards by sharing Cardbase with other collectors

Share Cardbase with other collectors to gain extra storage


Get credit for invites and signups on email

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Get credit for invites and signups on email extra storage

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The Cardbase App is perfect for collectors and investors alike!

With its intelligent features, Cardbase makes it easier than ever to find trading cards to invest with cross-marketplace search, hot deals listings, and built-in monitoring of pricing and sales trends. Get the in-depth data that will help you grow your collection’s value from one centralized platform. With Cardbase in your corner, never miss a deal or opportunity again

Understand your profits and changes in value when you buy and sell cards from your collection

Change value chart

Set your Watchlist with cards you want to invest in so you can snap up great deals when they’re posted


Find Hot Deals to invest in with trending prices that help you time your purchase efficiently

Download the App and Get Started Free

The Cardbase App is free to download and use for your first 1,000 cards. Sign up today and start managing your cards like a pro! Now available on the App Store and Google Play Store

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Subscribe for our low annual fee to get unlimited storage and insights for your whole card collection


With the Cardbase App, your whole collection is available right in your pocket


Track pricing and values of cards you want while you are on the go

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