Managing Your Sports Cards Collection Made Simple.

Effortlessly manage and monitor your sports cards investments. All in one place.

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Forget about Excel and Google sheets – manage your portfolio simply with Cardbase

Huge Database
Search our database of millions of cards and find your card easily.
Simple management
Manage your collection with tags and statuses, send to consignment and use 2-click eBay selling.
Track your transactions and see which cards have brought you the most profit or loss.
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Stop wasting your time manually calculating the value of your portfolio!

Your time is better spent on finding the next Gem Card!

Daily updates
We update each card daily with the newest sales from eBay
Portfolio overview
See how your portfolio develops over time in 5 seconds
Important metrics
We show you all the important metrics for each card - so you have them at your fingertips

Collectors love Cardbase

No matter if you are a long time collector or just started investing – Cardbase can help you stay on top of the market
“I don’t know about you, but I made looking at Cardbase my morning ritual which makes me happy.”
Mirsad Z.
“Cardbase makes it very easy for me to look at all my past transactions and understand where I have made profit or loss.”
Paul C.
“It used to take me hours to understand the value of my collection using spreadsheets and tedious manual work. With Cardbase it takes me 5 seconds!
Daniel G.

Investing in sports cards involves the potential of losing some or all of your money. Everyone should always do research on the cards he is buying. We don’t give you any advice for investing in cards.