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About Chris Bosio

Updated at October 07, 2022
Chris Bosio is a Baseball-Player, currently playing for . Chris Bosio was born in in .
There are currently 673 Cards of Chris Bosio in our Database including 1 rookie Cards and 670 variations Cards.
The most valuable Card of Chris Bosio is currently 1993 Finest Refractors #140 Chris Bosio BGS 9.5 by Finest from 1993 with a worth of approx. $131.38.

Other Cards of Chris Bosio to watch are:
1987 Topps #448 Chris Bosio by Topps from 1987 with a value of approx. $0.06
1990 Donruss #20 Chris Bosio by Donruss from 1990 with a value of approx. $1.49
1989 Upper Deck #292 Chris Bosio by Upper Deck from 1989 with a value of approx. $1.53

Overall about 3 Cards of Chris Bosio have been traded in the last 30 days on ebay. The average price was $1.12. The price range was $0.79 for 1994 Topps Finest Refractor Chris Bosio #252 - Mariners - SUPER RARE - Gem Mint by Finest from 1994 to $1.59 for 1990 Score Chris Bosio #283 by Score from 1990.

The value of Chris Bosio Baseball-Cards has been decreasing for about 0.0% in the past 30 days and decreasing for about 0.0% in the past year.

The most traded Card of Chris Bosio in the past 30 days on ebay was for 1994 Finest Refractors #252 Chris Bosio by Finest from 1994 with an average price of $3.9.

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