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About Drew Lock

Updated at December 01, 2022
Drew Lock is a Football-Player, currently playing for Denver Broncos. Drew Lock was born in 1996 in Columbia, Missouri.
There are currently 3963 Cards of Drew Lock in our Database including 50 rookie Cards and 3625 variations Cards.
The most valuable Card of Drew Lock is currently 2019 Panini National Treasures #164 Drew Lock /99 BGS 9.5 by Panini National Treasures from 2019 with a worth of approx. $225.0.

Other Cards of Drew Lock to watch are:
2021 Panini Contenders #28 Drew Lock by Panini Contenders from 2021 with a value of approx. $1.75
2021 Panini Prestige #41 Drew Lock by Panini Prestige from 2021 with a value of approx. $0.99
2021 Donruss #179 Drew Lock by Donruss from 2021 with a value of approx. $1.5

The value of Drew Lock Football-Cards has been decreasing for about -3.48% in the past 30 days and decreasing for about -46.44% in the past year.

The most traded Card of Drew Lock in the past 30 days on ebay was for 2019 Panini Prizm #304 Drew Lock PSA 10 by Panini Prizm from 2019 with an average price of $60.38.
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