July 25, 2023

Pro Tips: Cardbase Card Scanning

Pro Tips: Cardbase Card Scanning

As fellow collectors, at Cardbase we’re laser-focused on bringing you new features and making sure the existing ones get better every day. With that in mind, we wanted to share some tips on how to get the most out of one of our newest features, Card Scanning, which is now available in the Cardbase App in Beta.

We Want Your Feedback!: As the saying goes, the team that learns together, wins together. Every time you take a timeout to give us feedback, you're not just bench-warming, you're helping us step up our game for all users—veteran card sharks and rookie collectors alike.

Use Card Scanning and Report Issues: The best way to provide feedback is to use Card Scanning and let us know what’s working, what’s not, and how we can help make it better, together. Scan a card and if something is not right, hit the “Report” button (found in the upper right corner of the Scanning after you scan for three options:

  • I don't see the right card

  • I don’t see the right variations

  • The price of the card is not right

Once you've done your part, we'll take the ball and run with it. Our team will hustle to tackle the issue faster than a sprinter off the blocks.

Thank you, pioneers!: Everyone using Card Scanning on Cardbase is truly an early adopter of our latest and greatest technology. Your usage of Cardbase’s technology is helping shape the world of card collecting in real-time as we tweak and develop features in real-time based on your usage patterns.

To all the Card Scanning users out there, you're the first string of our team, testing our latest tech on the field. You're not just spectators, but players shaping the card-collecting world, one scan at a time. There’s a victory lap (and bragging rights!) for those breaking new ground with Cardbase.

10/10 Power Users believe Cardbase is the Industry leader in data + innovative vision technology: We’re confident that the data associated with each card you upload is the best in the industry, representing 30+ leading sources—including auctions and marketplaces—to give you the most accurate and up-to-date pricing and sales data on your cards.

And with Card Scanning, we’re building in-house, using industry-leading Computer Vision Technology to recognize a card with one simple action, so you’ll be saving time storing and recording—leaving more time for you to enjoy your collection and discover new items to add.

Where we are today: We currently have +2.5 million card images in our database, and that number is growing every day. We’re adding images daily to our catalog, as well as every image our users add also increases our database of cards to scan from, so our card scanning improves in accuracy literally day by day) As collectors, you know how many new cards and variations are added every day to the market— so it's a big challenge to be the most accurate data source, but we're ready to go the distance!

Our Game Plan for the Cardbase Community: Card Scanning will always be a central part of the Cardbase app—it's not going anywhere—and we’re committed to making it the fastest, most accurate, and most efficient way to add cards and help you manage your collection. We’re confident that our technology, our data, our user experience, and our customer service is—and will continue to be—the best around. With our team and the Cardbase community, we're not just aiming for a field goal, we're shooting for a touchdown!

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