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The 15 Best and Most Valuable Squirtle Pokemon Cards Ever

Eric Burgess
Eric Burgess
The 15 Best and Most Valuable Squirtle Pokemon Cards Ever

The humble Squirtle may not be the flashiest of Pokemon, but it's still a favorite of players and collectors all over the world. Squirtle was one of the original starter Pokémon and it's been making a splash in numerous card sets over the years.

We’re here to celebrate Squirtle by showing off the most valuable and best Squirtle cards available. We’ve got cards from the early days of the Pokemon hobby as well as his new evolutions that came out in 2023. We'll trace Squirtle's journey from its initial appearances in the franchise to special editions that celebrate the Pokémon's rich history. Prepare for a display of some of the most impressive Squirtle cards ever! Strap in, as we embark on an exciting journey into Squirtle card collecting!

Please note: This article focuses on individual sales of Squirtle cards. While Squirtle cards are often sold as part of sets with other classic cards (including its evolutions), we're focusing on the value of individual Squirtle cards in this article, excluding set sales that may have gone for even more money.

The Most Valuable and Rarest Squirtle Cards Available

15. 2023 Pokemon Japanese 151 Squirtle #170 - $650

In Japan, the 151 series from 2023 hit early in the year and the cards were a big hit. Squirtle’s card is actually a secret rate, #170 of 165, which adds a little extra thrill for collectors who love exclusives, rares, and special editions. Squirtle’s art on this card is unique to the Japanese version, which is a shame because the image of the tiny tortoise Pokemon in a colorful ocean is serene and attractive.

In August 2023, a BGS 10 Pristine copy sold for $650 - which is the highest we’ve seen so far. Of course, BGS 10s don’t come along every day, so that might have helped push it over the top. While we’ve seen some additional copies sell for less, the lifetime of this card has many years to go, so it’s a solid buy-and-hold investment for collectors who can wait for the card to appreciate in value.

2023 Pokemon Japanese 151 Squirtle #170 - $6502023 Pokemon Japanese 151 Squirtle #170 - $650

14. 1998 Pokémon Sealdass Stitch Touch Squirtle #03 - $700

Now this is an unusual card! The Sealdass Series from 1998 are stickers and the “Stitch Touch” set within the series featured artwork with a "stitched" look to make the characters look like they were on fabric. The card captures fan-favorite Squirtle with a big smile floating all over the card, wonderfully capturing the feel of the character.

While not all collectors like to collect stickers, these cards are still of great interest to collectors, especially those who enjoy exploring the unique Pokemon merchandise that was only released in Japan. While the PSA database suggests they’ve only graded two of them, the prices haven’t been as high as that population might suggest. A PSA 10 Gem Mint copy sold for $700 in October 2023 - a relative bargain for such an old card in ideal shape. With very little reporting, it’s hard to say how this pricing will trend over time, but any of the Sealdass cards in this condition are likely to appreciate over time.

1998 Pokémon Sealdass Stitch Touch Squirtle #03  - $7001998 Pokémon Sealdass Stitch Touch Squirtle #03 - $700

13. 2023 Pokémon Center Exclusive 151 Stamped Promo Card Squirtle #7 - $880

Definitely the newest card on the list, this 2023 Pokemon Center Exclusive has a 151 stamp to commemorate the original 151 Pokemon that came out in the original sets. This card was available exclusively from Pokemon Center stores and you had to pre-order the set to get it. The Reverse Holo card adds to the appeal of the card for collectors and that’s part of why this impressive price was attained for a relatively new card. The card does have a wonderful nostalgic feel to it, with Squirtle flying through the air with a massive grin on its face. Playwise, it’s not one of the stronger Squirtle cards out there, but most sales of the card are for collectors and fewer for players looking to add this new card to their deck.

While this set came out in 2023, the prices shot up for many of the Center Exclusives. Squirtle is no exception, with a PSA 10 Gem Mint copy selling for $880 in November 2023. The card is so recent that it’s hard to predict how the pricing will trend over time but it’s clear there’s plenty of fans and interest in these sets if they can command such prices in their first year of release.

2023 Pokémon Center Exclusive 151 Stamped Promo Card Squirtle #7 - $8802023 Pokémon Center Exclusive 151 Stamped Promo Card Squirtle #7 - $880

12. 2007 Pokemon Games Expo 2007 Promo Ditto (Squirtle) #64 - $950

When is a non-Squirtle card a Squirtle card? When it’s the 2007 EX Ditto Promo card from Games Expo that year. This rare card was only available at the event in question and that’s given this card some cache as a collectible. While Ditto is ostensibly a different character with a cool Duplicate power that allows it to shed damage when it searches the deck for another copy of Ditto, it’s really Squirtle in appearance on this edition of the card. Earlier editions of Ditto had the Pokemon looking like an amorphous shape, but it looks very much like everyone’s favorite turtle Pokemon here and it’s even taken Squirtle’s oft-used number, 64. Thus, we’re including the card on the list since we know fans of the Squirtle will definitely want this card in their collection.

While Ditto’s pricing has been inconsistent in recent days, there was a record price of $950 for a PSA 10 Gem Mint copy sold in May 2019. That’s the sole copy listed in PSA’s database but with price fluctuations since then, you might be able to pick the card up for a good deal if you keep a close eye on the market. Cardbase can help you there.

2007 Pokemon Games Expo 2007 Promo Ditto (Squirtle) #64 - $9502007 Pokemon Games Expo 2007 Promo Ditto (Squirtle) #64 - $950

11. 1995 Pokemon Japanese Topsun Squirtle #7 Blue Back - $999

The TopSun series of early Pokemon cards remain very popular with collectors even though the cards were only released in Japan and couldn’t be used in the Pokemon game. No matter, the artwork on the TopSun cards is iconic and had a huge impact on the future look of the cards. Like all the cards in the series, Squirtle was featured on both blue back and green back versions of the cards.

As a result of this situation, you will see different prices based on those colors. The record price of almost $1,000 was set in January 2021 for a Blue Back copy of the card in PSA 9 Mint condition - which is more than a Gem Mint copy sold for just a short time later. The Green Back version of the card hasn’t topped about $550, even for a PSA 10 Gem Mint version. These cards look to be holding their value well, with collectors and investors alike snapping them up in hopes their value will continue to rise. Due to their very early printing (while they say 1995, history suggests they were distributed a year or two later), they will always be part of the lore of Pokemon’s earliest days in Japan.

1995 Pokemon Japanese Topsun Squirtle #7 Blue Back - $9991995 Pokemon Japanese Topsun Squirtle #7 Blue Back - $999

10. 2002 Pokemon Expedition Reverse Foil Squirtle #132 - $999

In 2002, Wizards of the Coast released one of their final sets before the Pokemon Company took the franchise back and it featured one of the most interesting but ultimately least-successful special features. The Expedition set had a small bar code that made them ‘eCards’ that could interact with the Nintendo Card Reader, but usage was so low that this series didn’t last long.

Yet, this 2002 Pokemon Expedition Base Set Reverse Holo #132 Squirtle card has the eCard specifications on it, making it a rare and valuable card. As with all reverse foil cards, this Squirtle card has the holographic foil on the whole card except the artwork, making it sometimes hard for players to read. This means most reverse foils tend to get placed in collections instead of play decks. This often means a larger population of cards in top shape, which is both great for collectors who want the card and less wonderful for investors since a larger population means the card values can end up being lower.

While a record price for this card was set in June 2023 with a PSA 9 Mint card, most of the rest of the sales of this card have fallen below $500. Thus, this card is a solid but unspectacular investment opportunity at the moment. Within the Expedition set, the price is higher than some, but far from the most desirable cards in the set. Keep an eye on prices on Cardbase to see how the trends continue to evolve over time.

2002 Pokemon Expedition Reverse Foil Squirtle #132 - $9992002 Pokemon Expedition Reverse Foil Squirtle #132 - $999

9. 1996 Pokemon Japanese Bandai Carddass Vending Machine Red Squirtle #7- $1,800

This early set of non-game cards produced by Bandai have a title that mentions the distribution method because they were available through vending machines. Red Squirtle is literally just a trading card with a red color scheme but the artwork is iconic now since they were some of the first cards to be printed when introducing the Pokemon brand to the world. Their rarity as a card set only distributed in Japan has also made them popular. Squirtle isn’t one of the series’ most valuable cards, but it commands a respectable price. A PSA 10 Gem Mint copy sold for $1,800 in September 2023, but it’s not hard to find lower grade copies for a much lower price.

Collectors and investors will want more than one of these in their collection. That’s because there is also a Green Squirtle version available, too. These Bandai versions usually had a second Green version of each card that usually ended up being less valuable than the Red versions. That’s the case here, with the record for a Green version being just $799 for a PSA 10 Gem Mint copy. While it’s rare, the Green versions are almost always cheaper than the Red version. The pricing is dropping over time, however. It may be that most of the collectors who want this rare set have assembled their sets and now there are always a few more on the market, particularly with lower grades. If you want a copy, you can probably find it.

1996 Pokemon Japanese Bandai Carddass Vending Machine Red Squirtle #7- $1,8001996 Pokemon Japanese Bandai Carddass Vending Machine Red Squirtle #7- $1,800

8. 2002 Pokemon Japanese Promo Holo McDonald’s Set Squirtle #007 - $2,000

This quirky card is from a set of promotional cards released in Japan for McDonald's restaurants back in 2002. There are myriad reasons for this one to be desirable for collectors and investors alike. Not only does it have a nice holo sheen but that’s on top of cool artwork of Squirtle hanging out in outer space(?) Without a care in the world, the turtle is just relaxing, blowing bubbles out into the ether. It’s a whimsical image that fits the character of Squirtle well and it helps make this hard-to-find card a must-have for any serious Squirtle fans.

In December 2022, a CGC 10 Perfect condition copy of the card sold for the record price of $2,000 after the same card sold earlier in the year for just under $1,000. This might have been a pandemic-era fluke because the card hasn’t sold in that range since then - most of the highest-graded cards are topping out at perhaps $450-$600. This one might not hold its value forever, but it’s still a great card to add to any serious Pokemon TCG collection. Not every collector on your street will have one for sure.

2002 Pokemon Japanese Promo Holo McDonald’s Set Squirtle #007 - $2,0002002 Pokemon Japanese Promo Holo McDonald’s Set Squirtle #007 - $2,000

7. 1999 Pokemon Japanese Meiji Zenigame Embossed Promo Squirtle - $2,199

This early promo Squirtle card is a rare collectible that was part of a promotional campaign run by Meiji, a Japanese candy company. Zenigame is the Japanese name for Squirtle, which is why it appears so prominently on the card. The card’s embossed design makes it quickly recognizable with the raised, textured feel to the image of Squirtle.

Distributed exclusively in Japan with Meiji’s chocolates, the card is challenging to obtain, especially in top-tier condition. While it’s not a card that’s usable in the Pokémon TCG, it’s still a popular item with fans of the brand.

In May 2023, a PSA 10 Gem Mint copy of the card sold for $2,199 to set this record price. However, a similar copy sold for less than $1,500. There may be a more limited interest in this particular series than the other non-TCG cards of the time, but the best way to be sure is to keep track of the pricing trends through Cardbase.

1999 Pokemon Japanese Meiji Zenigame Embossed Promo Squirtle - $2,199 1999 Pokemon Japanese Meiji Zenigame Embossed Promo Squirtle - $2,199

6. 2000 Topps Chrome Pokemon Series 1 Tekno Squirtle #7- $2,700

While this charming card from the 2000 Topps Chrome Pokemon Series 1 set isn't something you can break out at your local game store to play the Pokemon TCG, there are plenty of collectors and investors interested in this series. Squirtle’s debut on a Topps collectible trading card is far from the only card from the Chrome set to command real pricing. In fact, you’ll find big prices for all of the usual suspects like Charizard, Pikachu, Eevee. The significant price paid for a Squirtle is actually on the lower end of the spectrum for this series, but it’s still top-dollar for a card featuring the Tiny Turtle.

In August 2021, a PSA 10 Gem Mint copy was sold for the record price of $2,700 and that had been on the rise. There’s no reason to think this will drop, so this card is still a good investment for collectors looking

2000 Topps Chrome Pokemon Series 1 Tekno Squirtle #7- $2,7002000 Topps Chrome Pokemon Series 1 Tekno Squirtle #7- $2,700

5. 1999 Trainer Deck B Squirtle #63 - $3,000

The front of this 1999 card isn’t terribly distinctive from the Base Set Squirtle of the time. Same charming image of Squirtle sending its deadly bubbles into the air, same number, and powers. The back of the card, however, reveals it to be part of Trainer Deck B, a special set of “Trainer Decks'' created to help teach new players the mechanics of the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). These decks were not sold to the public but were used as demo decks for retailers or at tournaments and other events. Trainer Deck B contained 60 cards, including Squirtle and its evolutions.

The back of the card makes it abundantly clear that it’s part of the Trainer Deck, with clear words marking them on an otherwise typical Pokémon card back.

While not every card in the Trainer decks commands impressive value these days, Squirtlr does pretty well. In January 2023, a PSA 10 Gem Mint copy sold for $3,000, setting what looks to be a record price for this rare item. With its exclusivity and historical value, these cards are likely to continue to rise in value.

1999 Trainer Deck B Squirtle #63 - $3,0001999 Trainer Deck B Squirtle #63 - $3,000

4. 1996 Pokemon Japanese Base Set No Rarity Symbol Squirtle #7- $3,627

This is the Base Set Japanese Squirtle with a printing error. What a difference a rarity symbol can make? Thousands of dollars is the answer in this case. While it’s not clear the total population of error cards, collectors will always be devoted to picking up quirky rarities like this one. Indeed, only two are listed in PSA’s database at the PSA 10 Gem Mint grade, with a few more showing up at different grades down the line.

In January 2021, a PSA X copy sold for over $3,600 but there are not too many reports of additional copies out there. Without much tracking information, it can be challenging to predict if this price is a fluke or a trend, but with cards like this that attract fervent interest from error-collectors, the price could still increase if more copies come to market.

1996 Pokemon Japanese Base Set No Rarity Symbol Squirtle #7- $3,6271996 Pokemon Japanese Base Set No Rarity Symbol Squirtle #7- $3,627

3. 1999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Squirtle #63 - $4,550

The OG version of Squirtle was always going to be placed in one of the top positions on this list. Who can argue with the value and thrill of owning the original version of the Pokemon from the Base Set back in 1999? The artwork is fantastic, featuring the ‘Tiny Turtle Pokemon’ sending paralyzing bubbles out to stop its opponent monster in its tracks. While Squirtle doesn’t always command a huge sum of money for even a top-tier version of its card, there have been some notable sales that set records for this lovable little monster.

A single BGS 10 Pristine copy of Squirtle (of which there are not too many) did sell in February 2022 for over $4,500 to one lucky collector - which set the current price record for this card. The BGS database suggests there are a single-digit number of these cards out there, so we can expect any others with this rarest of ratings to sell in the same range. That seems to hold true for another sale that wasn’t just for Squirtle. We’re referencing an $11,000 sale for a BGS 10 Pristine Squirtle that happened in December 2023, but that was for both Squirtle and Bulbasaur from the same set so we can’t directly add that pricing to the listing. Yet, that suggests Squirtle’s value didn’t drop in the 18 months since the record single-card sale was set. BGS 10 Pristine versions of the card probably have more opportunity to rise in the future based on this pair of stellar sale prices.

1999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Squirtle #63 - $4,5501999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Squirtle #63 - $4,550

2. 2002 Pokémon Legendary Reverse Foil Squirtle #95- $24,999

This 2002 Pokemon Legendary Collection Reverse Holographic #95 Squirtle is part of the Legendary Collection, a set known for reprinting earlier cards with new artwork and a "reverse foil" treatment that makes the cards hard to read, but dazzling to behold. This version of Squirtle, a first-stage Water-type Pokémon from the original series, features the artwork from the original version of the card from the 1999 Base Set under all the holographic goodness.

This is definitely one of the most valuable Squirtle cards, with the highest price record being set in September 2022 at around $25,000 (a best offer was accepted). Since then, the card has sold for less money, so that top price may have been affected by the Pandemic-era price surge. Collectors and investors should keep an eye on the card’s tracked price closely if it’s going to fill in a gap in their collection because great deals are possible.

2002 Pokémon Legendary Reverse Foil Squirtle #95- $24,9992002 Pokémon Legendary Reverse Foil Squirtle #95- $24,999

1. 1999 Pokemon Japanese Promo 64 Mario Stadium Best Photo Contest Snap Squirtle #7 - $73,200

If you are a Squirtle fan, you probably saw this one coming at the outset. The jump in value from the rest of the list to this one is simply staggering. Yet, when you hear the story of why this particular card is so valuable, it makes perfect sense.

Way back in the Nintendo 64 era, the company held a contest in their Pokemon Snap game. That particular Pokemon game was focused on taking pictures of Pokemon while you were playing the game, making for a lot of unique images getting captured during play of the game. The contest was for the best image capture and the artwork on this card shows the winner of that contest. This amusing shot of Squirtle with eyes closed and looking like it’s conducting an orchestra certainly tickled the funnybone of players and the company alike. So, they

In November 2023, a PSA 8 NM-MT copy of the card sold for a mind-blowing $73,200, setting a record for this card and all things Squirtle. No card featuring the lovable Pokemon had ever hit anything like this price. There are only 15 cards with this image in existence and a mere one third of those have made it into the hands of professional graders. That’s likely the reason for the massive value of this rarity. We can certainly expect to see similar and perhaps higher pricing when we see more copies of the card come onto the market, particularly if one of them ends up with a higher grading than PSA 8. Will this impressive pricing affect the rest of Squirtle’s cards? That remains to be seen.

1999 Pokemon Japanese Promo 64 Mario Stadium Best Photo Contest Snap Squirtle #7 - $73,2001999 Pokemon Japanese Promo 64 Mario Stadium Best Photo Contest Snap Squirtle #7 - $73,200

Squirtle Cards for Fans and Collectors

While Squirtle may not have reached the fiery fame of Charizard or the electric buzz of Pikachu, hopefully this list shows why it has a tidal wave of fans. Squirtle has been in a lot of card sets and has appeared with a variety of interesting powers over the years. From the classic 1st Edition Holo to the more recent full-art versions, each Squirtle card is a little drop of nostalgia mixed in with whatever unique idea each new version introduces.

If you haven’t added a turtle-themed wing to your collection yet, now’s the time! We hope our exploration of the best and most valuable Squirtle cards helped you determine a few additions to seek out. Be sure to use the Watchlist and tracking tools of Cardbase to ensure you get the best pricing for each purchase. Here’s hoping Squirtle’s natural charm and happiness will shine through when you buy some of these excellent cards. Happy collecting!

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