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Cardbase helps you track and manage your sports cards portfolio and value.


With our huge database of more than 20 million sports cards you can build your portfolio and stay informed about your current portfolio value and profit.


Full overview  of your current portfolio value, profit, change in value 


Daily updates with the newest sales from eBay for each card


Stop wasting your time – manually looking up the value of each card on eBay – we do it for you!


Build your own portfolio and monitor your collection


Huge database of millions of sports cards for Baseball, Football, Boxing, Golf, Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling and Soccer cards.


Simple management with our simple 3-Step process for adding sports cards. Stay organized as you buy and sell.


Important metrics for each sport card – so you have them at your fingertips.


Sports cards sales charts and including weekly, monthly, and yearly historical charts


Track your transactions and see which trading cards have brought you the most profit or loss.


All in one place for your entire sports cards collection at your fingertips


Yes. We have an iPhone and Android app. You can download the app for iOS on the Apple App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.




Yes. We have a free plan. With the free plan you can enable the sales tracking for up to 5 cards and have 100 cards in your portfolio. 

We have more than 10 million sports cards in our database and it’s growing daily. We can price track more than 900,000 cards.

This service is only available for yearly plan subscribers. You can send us your excel sheet with your collection and we will import your cards for you to your account. Contact us at [email protected]

You can send us an Email to [email protected] or use our contact form on the website.

We are differentiated between tracked and not tracked cards.


You can add unlimited cards to your account, which are not tracked.

You can add 15 tracked cards for free. If you want to track more than that, you need to upgrade your account to a paid account.


We update the ebay sales data on a daily basis.

At the moment we are using eBay sales data. We are planning to add more resources in the future.

Yes. You can apply to our affiliate program on the following page: Affiliate Program

Click in your Cardbase App on the Settings-Tab and click than on Email. Enter your new email and click the button “Send”.

Click in your Cardbase App on the Settings-Tab and click than on Password. Enter your new Password and confirm it. Click then the button “Next”.

Click in your Cardbase App on the Settings-Tab and click than on Subscription Plan. Choose your new plan and confirm.

We are getting the pricing data directly from eBay. We are planning to add in the future more sources to Cardbase.

For each card in your portfolio we show you the latest eBay sales we found. On each card you will find a “Remove & Report”-Button. With this button you report a wrong sale for this specific card. We will review each card and if we think it´s a wrong sale we remove the card.

We have an algorithm in place to get the right sales for each card in your portfolio. Sometimes wrong cards slip through our algorithm. We’re working daily to improve the algorithm, to have clean sales data for each card.

Tracking: When the card has the label tracking on it, that means that we’re actively tracking the sales data for this specific card.

Tracking Enabled: This status means that you can track the sales date for this card, but you did not enable the tracking for it.

Under Review: This status means, that we are currently reviewing the card to enable it for tracking. This can take some time.




We have two different plans at Cardbase. 

Cardbase Free Account: In this plan you can enable for 1000 cards the price tracking and have unlimited cards in your digital collection.

Cardbase Premium ($24,99): In this plan you can enable for 10,000 cards the price tracking and have unlimited cards in your digital collection.